Amati Affordable Auctions

The perfect place to pick up a good quality violin for daily use, a child’s first instrument or a cello to restore, spare fingerboards, chin rests, pegs and tools.

Amati Affordable Auctions are run slightly differently from the Specialist Auctions. It is our usual practice not to put a reserve on items sold through an Amati Affordable Auction. In economists’ terms, we let the market decide what an instrument is worth.

We find that this works very well. The auctions are hugely popular with dealers and private customers alike. So, although all instruments in an Amati Affordable Auction have a starting price of £10, the great majority of the instruments sell for more than that, usually in the region of £200 to £5000. The highest price so far achieved for a single lot at an Amati Affordable Auction was £37,500

Six good reasons to sell with Amati:

  • Amati know their instruments. Their specialists are experts in the field of stringed musical instruments.
  • They are excellent judges of an instrument’s worth in the market today and, because Amati hold an auction every month, they are better placed than anyone in the market to tell you what your instrument is worth.
  • Amati are honest: If your instrument is only worth £15 – £20, they will tell you so. If you still want to sell it, they can do that for you.
  • They are good sales people, using traditional and modern forms of advertising.
  • They take superb photographs of the whole instrument and provide reliable condition reports – for free.
  • They have networks of people around the world who buy regularly from Amati.

Six good reasons to buy from Amati:

  • Again, Amati know their instruments.
  • They provide trustworthy condition reports, including extra, specific, research if necessary.
  • They take superb, free photographs of the whole instrument.
  • Speed: If you don’t see what you want in this sale, it isn’t long before Amati’s next sale.
  • They offer a simple, secure and transparent auction process, and friendly service.
  • Amati has an impressive record of shipping fine stringed instruments safely around the world

Buying at Auction

Amati sells violins, violas, cellos and bows for every budget and level of skill, from a child’s first violin to the fine instruments of the professional musician. Our experienced and friendly team is at hand to help throughout the buying process.

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Discover more

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