Specialist Auctions

Specialist auctions focus on violins, violas, cellos, and bows of exceptional quality and high worth.

Amati holds Specialist Auctions at least four times a year. These important auctions are for the sale of violins, violas, cellos, and bows of exceptional quality and high worth. Prices range from £1000 to more than a million pounds.

Amati Specialist Auctions attract a keen global market of professional players, investors, collectors and dealers. At the viewing days, held before each auction, the instruments can be admired and played by interested clients. Viewing days are held in the beautiful surroundings of The Langham Hotel, London, UK.

Six good reasons to sell through Amati

  • Amati know their instruments. Their experts are specialists in the field of stringed musical instruments.
  • They are excellent judges of an instrument’s worth in the market today and, because Amati hold an auction every month, they are better placed than anyone in the market to tell you what your instrument is worth.
  • They are good sales people, using traditional and modern forms of advertising.
  • They have networks of people around the world who buy regularly from Amati.
  • They take superb photographs of the whole instrument and provide reliable condition reports – for free.
  • Speed: Amati hold Specialist Auctions every two months. You won’t have to wait long.

Six good reasons to buy from Amati:

  • Again, Amati know their instruments.
  • They provide trustworthy condition reports, including extra, specific, research if necessary.
  • They take superb, free photographs of the whole instrument.
  • Speed: If you don’t see what you want in this sale, it isn’t long before Amati’s next sale.
  • They offer a simple, secure and transparent auction process, and friendly service.
  • Amati has an impressive record of shipping fine stringed instruments safely around the world

Amati sell musical instruments made by great makers

Bergonzi, Vuillaume, Testore, Gagliano, Amati, Sannino, Cappichioni, Klotz, Tecchler, Pedrazzini, and Rogeri. Amati also sell bows by well-known makers, such as Sartory, Peccatte, Lamy.

We have achieved world records for a number of bows and instruments, including world records for a Vuillaume cello in 2014, a Tecchler violin, sold in 2014, and a Pedrazzini cello in 2016.

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How much is my violin worth?

Violins can be worth anything from £1 for a factory-made wreck to £10m+ for instruments by

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Improve your playing with a better instrument

Buying the right instrument can improve your playing considerably, and your enjoyment of it.

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