How to pack the Amati Box

How to pack the Amati Box in easy steps.

1. Receive box

You will receive the Amati Box already made up and ready to use. Open the box and remove the upper plastic insert. Loosen the pegs to relieve the string tension so you are able to gently remove the bridge.

2. Soft cloth underneath

Using a piece of soft cloth underneath to protect the violin varnish, tuck the bridge under the tail piece. Here the violin and bridge are shown in the box without the protective bag.

3. Cotton bag

Place the violin in the protective cotton bag. Tie up the bag.

4. Placing in the box

Place the violin in its bag face-up in the box. It should sit on the lower plastic insert, away from the edges of the box.

5. Upper plastic

Put the upper plastic insert into the box with the plastic facing down. Here the violin is shown without the protective bag so you can see how the violin should be positioned.

6. Close and tape

Close the Amati Box and seal it securely with tape.

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