Jean Francois Aldric

By John Dilworth

ALDRIC, Jean François Born 1765 Mirecourt, died 1843 Paris France. Son of François-Antoine Aldric, above. Established at rue de Arcis, Paris; later rue de Bussi, Faubourg St-Germain. Excellent copies of Stradivari in the French style, strongly influenced by Lupot. Large model which retains Mirecourtian characteristics in the arching and wide-set upright soundholes. Striking ebony or whalebone purfling and thick red varnish. Seems to have often used old wood affected with worm, which is neatly patched under the varnish. Superbly finished workmanship. Fait par Aldric Luthier / rue de Arcis 16 / Paris 1792. Aldric Luthier rue / de Bussi, no.30, 1807 Rue de Bussy no. 30, Faub. St-Germain / p

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£ 34,850.00
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