Gaetano Chiocchi

By Cecie Stainer

Worked in Padua in the 19th century. Was clever both at repairing instruments and making them. Chretien, Hippolyte, b. April 1, 1845, Sommerviller. In 1865 he succeeded to the business of his uncle, Hippolyte Silvestre, in Lyons; 1884, moved to Paris. Under the name of "Silvestre neveu" he has maintained the excellent reputation acquired by his uncle. His new instruments have a beautiful tone and are well made, the varnish is transparent; he is also extremely skilful in repairing old instruments. Awards: silver medal Lyons, 1872; large medal of "progress," Vienna, 1873; silver medal, Paris, 1878; gold medal, 1889

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£ 31,920.00
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