Anthony John Moore

By William Meredith Morris

He is the eldest son of the late Captain Thomas Moore, at one time well known in the Indian and China trades. He was educated at the academy of the Rev. William Parks, in Ravensworth Terrace, Monkwearmouth, and also at the schools of Mr. James Cameron, in North Bridge Street, and of Mr. John Cameron, in Blandford Street, of the same place. He is an artist by profession — a painter of the sea and tidal rivers. About fifteen years ago he first saw the work of Hart on the violin, and he was so much impressed with its many illustrations that he became enamoured with the king of instruments. In the year 1886 he made his first violin, and since then he has made a considerable number. He spends most of his leisure time in experimenting and in working out the geometrical construction of the instrument, with the view of by-and-by turning out fiddles that will be representative of all that is excellent in the modern school. The one instrument of his make which I examined was beautifully made, and had a large and telling tone. Its outline and arching were on the Joseph model slightly modified. The wood of the front table was an extraordinary piece of timber, and seemed fresh, considering its great age. The scroll was nicely carved, but possessed more of the feminine characteristics than is perhaps allowable in copies of Joseph. The button was prim and prop. The margin was of medium width, and the edges gently rounded. The sound-holes were piquant and expressive. The varnish was an oil one of Mr. Moore's own composition ; colour : golden yellow. I was particularly pleased with the tone of this instrument. It was perfectly clear and responsive in all the positions, and the harmonics were as crisp as the jingle of frozen rush blown by the breath of winter. I have no knowledge whether Mr. Moore is always equally successful in producing a good tone.

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