Piero Parravicini

By John Dilworth

PARRAVICINI, Piero Born 1889, died 1957 Bovisio, Milan Italy. Pupil of R. Antoniazzi. Worked for Monzino in Milan 1924-1925. Medals awarded in Rome 1925 & 1929, Cremona 1949, and Rome 1954. Fine, disciplined work on classical Italian models; well-regarded cellos and double basses. Good materials and rich orange varnish. Credited with 600 violins, 10 violas, 12 cellos, and three double basses. Branded internally: ‘Piero Parravicini’. Manuscript labels: Piero Parravicini / Fece in Bovisio l’anno 1926

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£ 16,800.00
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