Vincenzo SANNINO

By John Dilworth

SANNINO, Vincenzo Born 1879 Naples, died 1969 Rome Italy. Violinist and self-taught luthier, guided by W. Hamma, for whom he acted as translator in Italy, thereby becoming very knowledgeable of classical instruments outside the Neapolitan tradition. Moved to Rome in 1914, established as one of the most successful Italian makers of the period. Freely worked in the Neapolitan style, and made many copies of various classical makers of both first and second class, all given reproduction labels. Varnish of appropriate colours, but laid over a stained bichromate ground, which gives a rather dull greenish tinge. Completed 700 violins, 50 violas, and 80 cellos. Vincenzo Sannino / fece in Napoli anno 1905

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