By Cecie Stainer

b. at Udine. Worked in Venice about 1710-48. Some of his instruments show German characteristics, the sound-holes and scroll being similar to those of Stainer; but he generally followed the Amati pattern. His work shows great ability ; the model is much arched, the wood very handsome, of small figure ; the varnish brilliant, of very fine quality, of a rich red colour, or yellow tinged with brown, but dry and easily cracked ; the scroll is well cut, and the workmanship almost as beautifully finished as that of Stradivari; the tone is clear and strong. A beautiful violoncello was exhibited in the South Kensington Museum in 1872, its tone was very equal and sonorous; but his double-basses are especially excellent in tone. All his instruments are branded with his name above the tail-pin. Label ; " Sanctus Seraphin Utinensis fecit Venetiis, anno 1730."

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