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Why Should I Sell My Violin at Auction?

James Buchanan, specialist and director, gives honest advice on the advantages to selling your stringed instrument at auction.

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Sarah Buchanan

There are quite a few advantages to selling your violin at auction. For a start, you will have a clear idea of when your violin is going to be sold, and when you are going to get your money. We have auctions every month at Amati, so you won’t have long to wait before you can sell your instrument.

If you sell with Amati, there is a very good chance that your violin will sell. We usually achieve an 80% sale rate (or more) for our Fine Stringed Instrument Auctions, and we have a 100% sale rate for our Amati Affordable Auctions.

In our days with Christie’s Auctions, it was quite easy to know almost everybody in the auction room. Over the last 15 years, the internet has changed everything, and the auction market is no exception. It is now possible to have hundreds of new buyers in each sale. This means you can feel confident that your violin has been sold in an open and transparent way on the international market.

Why should I use Amati rather than Ebay?

In short, buyers know what they are getting with Amati. Customers at Amati know from the clear 360’ photography we provide for each instrument we sell, the expert condition reports we supply, and our reputation as experts in the field of stringed musical instruments, that we can be trusted. You, if you sell through us, will benefit from all this.

Furthermore, if you sell with Amati, you will have the security of knowing that you will receive the money for the sale of your instrument. Your violin – or cello, or bow – isn’t released to the buyer until they have paid. Amati will send you the money that your violin was sold for, minus our fees, 35 days after an auction.

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