Easter Weekend
Mon 10th April 23

Easter Weekend

It’s all good fun until it starts hurting.

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James Buchanan

The main challenge was playing football with my daughters. They are young, athletic and stand about three inches tall. I am old, slightly plump and creak every time I bend over.

On the other hand, although I own to 6’2, it turns out that I have lost an inch in the last few years. I am shrinking at an alarming rate – to Sarah’s squeals of delight.

We have our Amati Affordable auction running and may I say ‘thank you’ to all of our bidders who are patiently waiting for work to start again for condition reports. We know they need to go up, and once the weekend is over we shall be searching out the worm tracks and glued cracks.

I am a rich man. I have two daughters a wife, and the occasional lie-in. Few people could ask for more. And as I lie in bed, filled with lamb (who must dread Easter as much as Turkeys dread Christmas) and cheap chocolate, you would struggle to find a happier auctioneer.

Happy Easter everyone.




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