Tue 2nd October 18

Lost for words

Giving Stephen King a run for his money - perhaps.

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James Buchanan

Few people leave me lost for words more frequently than my daughters. It was while running back to church to retrieve the coat Eleanor had left on the floor for me to pick up that I realised I was – am – worthy of more respect than I currently get in the home.

For instance, and this is the bit that makes me feel very important, my words are now translated into eight languages. I am pretty confident that I am going to give Stephen King and The Bible a run for their money the way things are going on this website.

The best thing about the process, due to the genius of the boys in the back office, is that one press of a magic button and new words just flood onto the screen. At least I hope they are words, it is quite possible that our translators are having a bit of a giggle and writing in Elvish.

Giving Stephen King a run for his money

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