How Much is My Violin Worth?

How Much is My Violin Worth?

Violins can be worth anything from £1 for a factory-made wreck to £10m+ for instruments by Stradivarius.

How Much is My Violin Worth?

Violins can be worth anything from £1 for a battered old Skylark to £10m, and beyond, for Stradivaris and Guarneris. Nobody knows how much was the most expensive violin ever sold as buyers usually insist on anonymity, but sales in the millions are not unusual.










How can you find out what your violin is worth?


The first question to ask is whether you know who made it. The attribution is vital, as different makers achieve different prices, depending on the quality of their work.

The next important factor is condition. Forget whether the violin has its strings or not, the important thing to take into account is cracks. Most cracks can be repaired, but they cost money to do and although you might be able to hide them, they will always ‘be there’.

As many labels are false and many attributions dangerous, it is usually wise to have the instrument looked at by an expert. Sometimes it is possible to do this from a photograph; sometimes they will need to see it in person.

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