Where Can I Get a Violin Valuation?
Thu 24th March 22

Where Can I Get a Violin Valuation?

Amati offer free, no obligation, auction valuations of violins, violas, cellos, and bows.

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Sarah Buchanan

You can get your stringed instrument valued with Amati either online or in person. Either way, it is easy to get a reliable, free, auction valuation of your violin, viola, cello, and bows. Amati also offer insurance valuations for £50, either online or at their valuation days.

The most efficient way of finding out what your instrument is worth is to send us a few photographs through the Amati online valuation service. We should get your valuation to you within three weeks. If you want it within three days, we do have an express valuation service, which costs £20.

If the specialist sees from the photographs that your violin is of interest, they may want to see it for further appraisal. This is quite common. Bear in mind that photographs turn an instrument into a two-dimensional object. Nothing compares to holding a violin in your hand while you are appraising it.

With this in mind, Amati also run valuation days, at which you would be very welcome. We work in many countries and cities around the world.


If you can’t find a valuation day near you, please register your interest in a valuation day and we will give you a call next time we are in your area.

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