Amati Specialist – Wednesday 3rd November

Catalogue available online from Friday 22nd October.

Monmouthshire Viewing – 27th & 28th October at Head Office

London Viewing – 31st October & 1st November at The Langham

Please email or call +44 (0)20 7099 7114 for auction enquiries.


Amati holds at least ten auctions a year, selling violins, violas, cellos, and bows.

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Have you ever wondered who made your violin and how much it is worth?

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The Amati Team

Amati is a knowledgeable and welcoming company. Together, we have decades of experience in the stringed musical instrument sector, the auction business, and in customer care. We aim, at all points of your contact with us, to help and support you through the valuation and auction process.

The work we do at Amati makes me very proud: we work incredibly hard and have turned a family business into a company with a genuinely global reach and reputation. It is a great privilege to see the many beautiful instruments that people bring us to value and sell.

James Buchanan, specialist and director

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About Amati

Amati is an online auction house specialising in the sale of stringed musical instruments: violins, violas, cellos, and bows. We hold at least ten auctions a year. These comprise Specialist Auctions, auctions of Single Owner collections, and Amati Affordable Auctions. We also provide free market valuations of stringed instruments online and in person at valuation days. Having your violin valued by Amati is a great way to find out who made your violin and how much it is worth in the market today.

May we help you?
May we help you?

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What is an Expert?
Oct 2018

What is an Expert?

The Amati Glossary of Useful Auction Terms (Ex-Z)

James Buchanan

By James Buchanan

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The Makers’ Archive

The Makers’ Archive contains biographies for more than 14,000 makers of stringed instruments and bows, and the prices their creations achieved at auction.