James Aspinall

By William Meredith Morris

An amateur who produces very commendable work. He was born in the parish of Penistone, Yorks, October 11, 1855. He is of a mechanical and inventive turn of mind, and has built an organ, on which he was engaged for three years. He made his first violin after reading Mr. Heron-Allen's book, and since then he has made about thirty violins and a few violas. He works on the Strad model, adopting the drawings and dimensions of Riechers, except for the thicknesses. The workmanship is good all over, and the tone moderately powerful, clear, and responsive. Varnish : Whitelaw's. Label (printed in copying ink from a rubber stamp) : — JAMES ASPINALL, VIOLIN MAKER & REPAIRER.BOLSTERSTONE. NR. SHEFFIELD.

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