Samuel Allen

Highest auction price achieved
£ 4780.00

By John Dilworth

ALLEN, Samuel Born 1838 Mevagissey, Cornwall, died 1914 London UK. Important and influential English bow maker. An operatic singer and cabinet maker, he is thought to have taught himself the rudiments of bow making before being recruited by the Hills for the workshop in Hanwell, west London, in the 1880s. Early work is strongly influenced by James Dodd (II). Possibly the only bow maker at Hills to make all the bow parts himself; subsequently the various processes were separated out within the workshops. His pupil there was Sydney Yeoman. Left in 1891 and established his own business in St John’s Wood, London, moving to Bolsover Street in 1897. At this shop he also made some violins and a

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin Bow S/E 64 g. Sun 1st March 09 £ 828.00
Violin Bow S/E 62 g. Tue 1st June 10 £ 3360.00
Viola Bow S/E 73 g. Tue 1st December 09 £ 4200.00
Violin Bow S/E 58.5 g. London, 1900 c. Sun 1st March 09 £ 2500.00
Cello Bow 86 g. [Attributed to] Thu 1st July 04 £ 1434.00
Cello Bow S/E 81 g. Fri 1st November 02 £ 4780.00
Violin Bow S/E 61 g. Wed 1st November 00 £ 3220.00
Cello Bow S/E 93 g. Tue 1st March 88 £ 1650.00
Viola Bow S/E 69 g. Sat 1st June 85 £ 1535.00
Violin Bow S/E 59 g. Mon 1st November 82 £ 550.00
Violin Bow S/E 63 g. Wed 1st September 82 £ 1430.00
Viola Bow S/E 71 g. Thu 1st April 82 £ 1430.00
Cello Bow S/E 92 g. Thu 1st April 82 £ 1188.00
Viola Bow S/E 71 g. Sun 1st November 81 £ 1375.00

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