Arvil Olaf Anderson

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By John Dilworth

ANDERSON, Arvil Olaf Born 1907 Emmett, Idaho, d.2001 St. Ignatius, Montana USA. Various professions. Full time violin maker since retirement in 1971. Pupil of Bela Latjay in San Diego. Guarneri model violins, and later Stradivari model violins and cellos. Tertis and Clifford Hoing patterns for violas. American woods, commercial varnish. 200 instruments completed. Also some guitars. Also made 30 bows, branded: AVRIL O ANDERSON. Printed label: A.Olaf Anderson / Luthier / Anno 19... / St Ignatius, MT

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Viola 42.3 cm St. Ignatius, 1979 'Tertis' model Wed 1st February 06 £ 729.00
Viola 42.3 cm St. Ignatius, 1979 'Tertis' model Sat 1st May 04 £ 901.00

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