Nicola Bergonzi

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By George Hart

Son of [Michel Angelo Bergonzi]. He made a great number of Violins of similar form to those of his father. The wood which he selected was of a close nature and hard appearance. The varnish is not equal to that of Carlo; it is thin and cold-looking. The workmanship is very good, being often highly finished; but yet wanting in character. The scroll is cramped, and scarcely of the Cremonese type. Lancetti mentions a Tenor by this maker, dated 1781. In the correspondence which passed between the grandson of Antonio Stradivari and the agents of Count Cozio (which is given in these pages), reference is made to some of the moulds of the great maker being in the keeping of — Bergonzi, they having been lent to him, the writer saying that he would obtain them and put them with the other patterns, which appears to have been done; These moulds were doubtless lent to Michel Angelo Bergonzi, and were used by Niccolo as well as his father, and accounts for the form of their instruments being varied.

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Violin 1780 c. (replaced scroll) Wed 1st October 03 £ 58705.00

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