Arthur (II) Betts

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By John Dilworth

BETTS, Arthur (II) Born 1775 Stamford, died 1847 London UK. Younger brother of John Betts, below. Sent from Stamford at the age of nine to receive a musical education in London. Having completed this, he joined his brother in the shop in Royal Exchange, taking over after John’s death in 1823, in partnership with his nephew Charles Vernon. The business was retitled ‘J.Betts & Co’. Shortly afterward Arthur made the famous purchase of a perfect 1704 Stradivari violin, still known as ‘the Betts’, which led to disputes within the company and the departure of Vernon. The shop became simply ‘A. Betts’. In 1838, the Royal Exchange was destroyed by fire, and the shop moved to 47 Threadneedle Stre

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