Hermann O. Bischofberger

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By John Dilworth

BISCHOFBERGER, Hermann O. Born 1922 Zurich Switzerland, Worked from 1949 Chicago, Illinois, and Seattle, Washington USA. Son and pupil of Oskar Bischofberger, below. Worked for Jeklin 1942-1946, then moved to Paul Merling in Copenhagen in 1946-1949. Emigrated to the USA 1949, settling in Chicago where he worked for Kagan & Gaines and Carl George, and for Kenneth Warren 1951-1955. Established independently in Seattle 1955. Stradivari and Guarneri model violins; Tertis model violas. Developed his own varnish in collaboration with his father in Switzerland; red-brown colour, sometimes shaded finish. 74 violins, 13 violas, and two cellos. H. O. Bischofberger Jun / Geigenmacher, Zurich / fecit anno 19.. Hermann Oscar Bischofberger / no.. Anno .. / Maker Chicago with Kenneth Warren Hermann Oscar Bischofberger / no.. Anno .. / Violinmaker / Seattle [Wenberg]

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