Herbert E. Fain

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By John Dilworth

FAIN, Herbert E. Born 1917 Grandfield, Oklahoma, Worked from 1948 Dallas, Texas USA. Active from 1930 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Pupil of S. R. Glidewell. Established in Oklahoma City, 1940-1942. Moved to Dallas in 1948 and opened an electrical supply business, although continuing to make violins. Stradivari model, initially using V. C. Squier’s varnish; later used shaded red-brown oil varnish of his own making. One piece linings overlapping the corner blocks. 50 violins, three violas, and about 10 bows. Made by H.E. Fain / No.. / Dallas, (Texas) Date.. [Wenberg]

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