Celeste Farotti

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By John Dilworth

FAROTTI, Celeste Born 1864 San Germano di Casale, died 1928 Milan Italy. Leading maker of the 20th century Piedmont school. Active in Casale Monferrato as a maker before moving to Milan 1899. Established independently there from 1900. Assisted by his brother Salvatore, below, grandson Celestino, below, and a pupil, Vittorio Bellarosa. Prolific maker working in the classical style. Exhibition medals awarded at Milan 1906, Turin 1911, San Francisco 1915, and Rome 1927. Stradivarian model, using an external mould. Soundholes slightly extended and orange to thicker red-brown oil varnish. Fine workmanship and materials. Known to have made very convincing copies of various classical and more obscure makers, which do not carry his label. Celeste Farotto / da San Cermano di Casale / fece in Milano l�anno 19.. Fatto Farotti / Milano 1918 Farotti Celeste / di S. Germano di Casale / Fece / in Milano il 1907 Farotti Coelestes a Sancto Germano / Casalenso Mediolani fecit anno 1920 [Blot II]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1956 Sat 1st March 80 £ 540.00

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