Maurice Fauconier

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£ 2400.00

By John Dilworth

FAUCONIER, Maurice Born 1904 Ghent Belgium. Violin and bow maker, from a family of wind instrument makers. Pupil of Georges Apparut in Mirecourt. Worked in Paris, Luby, and Milan. Returned to Ghent 1927 and established a violin making department within his father’s wind instrument shop with several craftsmen employed. Diploma of ‘artist violin maker and craftsman’ Paris 1928. The shop was destroyed in 1945. Copies of classical models; also a personal design. Fine materials with good oil varnish of golden-brown colour. Ornamented ‘modèle de luxe’ with sculpted head and corners, as well as several grades of student instruments made by workmen within the shop. Bows branded: M. FAUCONIER. Print

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.6 cm Gand, 1927 Sat 1st July 06 £ 2400.00
Violin 1928 Wed 1st April 87 £ 1100.00
Violin Gand, 1928 Sat 1st May 04 £ 796.00

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