Jacob Ford

Highest auction price achieved
£ 8642.00

By William Meredith Morris

He worked on a model which very closely resembles that of Stainer. He evidently had Stainer in his mind, but he had also seen and handled so many Amati copies, or perhaps a few original " Amatis," that he had become unsettled in his ideals. The workmanship is excellent, and the wood very carefully chosen. The varnish is an oil one, in light or deep amber colour. His margins are wider than is usual in Stainer copies, and the edges are nicely rounded and solid looking. The tone is not a large one, but is almost equal, in one or two instances which have come under my observation, to that of Duke. Altogether Ford was a superior maker, and the few examples of his art which remain to-day should be more highly valued than they are. Label : — JACOB FORD, MAKER, LONDON, 1792

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.7 cm London, 1780 c. Thu 1st April 10 £ 8642.00
Violin 34.4.cm 1790 c. Mon 1st June 09 £ 2760.00
Violin London,1790 c. [Attributed to] Sat 1st January 05 £ 956.00
Violin 1770 Fri 1st June 01 £ 3780.00
Violin 1780 c. Sat 1st March 97 £ 4370.00
Violin 1773 Fri 1st November 96 £ 1955.00
Violin 1770 c. Fri 1st June 90 £ 2860.00
Violin 1772 Thu 1st May 80 £ 1375.00

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