Charles Francois Gand

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£ 34500.00

By George Hart

He became the pupil of Nicolas Lupot in the year 1802. During his apprenticeship he proved himself an excellent maker, and was much valued by his famous instructor. He married the daughter of Lupot, and succeeded him in the Rue Croix des Petits Champs in the year 1824. The career of François Gand was one of much activity. As a repairer of the works of the great masters he early obtained a high reputation, and perhaps restored more valuable instruments than any repairer of his time. The care that he took and the judgment which he exercised in endeavouring to bring together the various broken parts of an imperfect instrument, that the original appearance might be maintained as closely as possible, cannot be too highly praised. He often accomplished seeming impossibilities. Splintered cracks were by his ingenuity closed as though no fibre had been severed, while at other times, pieces were inserted so deftly that the most experienced eyes might fail to detect their presence. It was with him a labour of love, and he did not scruple to spend days over work on which others would only spend hours. He made many Violins, several of which were given as prizes at the Paris Conservatoire. They are well-made instruments, though heavy in appearance. They are good serviceable instruments, and, the wood not having been browned by baking or other injurious process, age mellows them greatly. He died in the year 1845.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.7 cm Paris, early 19th C. Tue 1st November 11 £ 30073.00
Violin 35.9 cm Paris, 1840 Wed 1st June 11 £ 8817.00
Violin 35.8 cm Paris, 1928 Sun 1st March 09 £ 21250.00
Violin 35.8 cm Paris, 1829 Sat 1st March 08 £ 19700.00
Violin 35.9 cm Paris, 1830 c. Mon 1st May 06 £ 11650.00
Violin Paris, 1844 #108 Tue 1st November 05 £ 11448.00
Violin 1843 Sun 1st May 05 £ 2963.00
Violin Paris, 1837 Mon 1st November 04 £ 24000.00
Violin 1843 Sat 1st May 99 £ 14071.00
Violin 1840 c. Sat 1st November 97 £ 6325.00
Violin 18-- Tue 1st November 94 £ 4025.00
Cello 1830 c. Tue 1st November 94 £ 34500.00
Violin 1843 Tue 1st November 94 £ 13800.00
Violin 1830 Thu 1st March 90 £ 15400.00
Cello 1839 Wed 1st November 89 £ 27500.00
Violin 18-- Sat 1st March 86 £ 8800.00
Viola Wed 7th March 12 £ 11250.00

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