Guillaume Charles Louis Gand

Highest auction price achieved
£ 7820.00

By Cecie Stainer

Second son of Charles Michel Gand, b. July 22, 1792, Paris; d. May 31, 1858, Versailles. Was a pupil of Nicolas Lupot. Succeeded to his father's business at Versailles in 1820. His instruments are similar in work to those of Lupot, they are much liked, and always fetch a good price.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin France, 19th C. [Attributed to] Fri 1st April 05 £ 5013.00
Violin 1822 Tue 1st October 02 £ 7579.00
Viola 1841 Mon 1st March 99 £ 7820.00
Violin 1830 c. Sun 1st November 92 £ 7150.00
Violin 1800-50 Sat 1st November 86 £ 2200.00

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