Giovanni Battista Genova

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By John Dilworth

GENOVA, Giovanni Battista Worked circa. 1760-1771 Turin Italy. Rarely encountered maker; no evidence of his origins has emerged from archives in Turin or Genoa. Speculative connections with Guadagnini and Guidantus are not historically supported. Stylistically there is some connection with Celoniatus. Several instruments attributed to him with various descriptions, but few with reliable labels. Hamma (1993) shows a coarsely worked, high-arched violin on a broad model with widely set soundholes dated 1771. Henley, following Vannes, cites the 43cm (167/8”) tenor viola once owned by Leandro Bisiach. This has low-set soundholes, a fairly flat arch, a broad Amati-derived model, and fine Celoniat

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Cello 73.6 cm Turin, Late 18th C. Fri 1st October 10 £ 185262.00

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