Hans (?) Gerle

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By Cecie Stainer

A son of Conrad. Date of birth unknown, about 1500 ; d. 1570. Lived in Nuremberg. Was a lute player, composer, and author, and as early as 1523 was famed for the lutes he made. In 1532 his portrait was published with the inscription, " Hanns Gerle, lutenist (lute player) in Nurnberg, anno 1532." He published a work on the lute in 1532, entitled : " Musica Teusch auf die Instrument der grossen und kleinen Geygen, auch Lautten, etc., durch Hans Gerle lutinist zu Nurenberg auszgangen, 1532 " (" German music for instruments of large and little viols, also for lutes," edited by Hans Gerle, lute player at Nuremberg, 1532) ; a second edition appeared in 1546, entitled : " Musica und Tabulatur, aüff die Instrumenten der kleinen und grossen Geygen auch Lautten, etc. Von newen corrigirt und durch aussgebessert durch Hansen Gerle, Lautenmacher zu Nurnberg von 1546 jar " (" Music and Tablature for instruments of little and large viols, also for lutes, &c., revised and corrected by Hans Gerle, lute maker at Nuremberg, in 1546"). Both the 1st and 2nd editions are in the Imperial Library at Berlin. These two interesting editions are most rare and valuable.

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