Desire-Alphonse-Dieudonne Giboreau

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By John Dilworth

GIBOREAU, Désiré-Alphonse-Dieudonné Born 1866, died 1933 Liège Belgium. Apprenticed to Laberte-Humbert in Mirecourt. Established in Liège 1882. Moved to Strasbourg after 1918, at 13 rue Ste-Hélène, but returned to Liège 1927, working at 5 rue Matrognard. Prolific maker of all forms of bowed stringed instruments; largely copies of master instruments with shaded varnish, but some made on a personal model. Miniature violin named ‘Le Goliath’ in the Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels. Alphonse Giboreau / Luthier Fabricant / 4 Rue Chapelle-des-Cleres 4 / Liège, le.. 19..

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