Robert Gregson

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By William Meredith Morris

He was born at Whiteberk, near Blackburn, on June 3, 1871. He commenced work as a professional maker in 1898, and his first instruments were very indifferent in workmanship and tone, but he has improved very rapidly, and ought to reach a fair standard of excellence. His one mistake is that he does not copy anybody. If a violin-maker is not endowed with the powers of originality in a high degree, he should not attempt to cut out a path for himself, and even when he feels conscious of rare gifts within, he should devote some years to the exact and careful copying of some old master. Talents must be fed and pruned like fruit-trees in an orchard. Gregson is impatient of detail. The more conspicuous parts of the instrument are carefully handled, but there is a disregard for purity of outline and clean inlaying of the purfle, &c. However, Gregson is a beginner, and may with severe application rectify these errors and become an excellent workman. The tone of the last violin which he made is very good. Facsimile label : —

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