Aloys Klein

Highest auction price achieved
£ 1800.00

By Cecie Stainer

In 1884 he founded an important business in Rouen, at 65, rue Ganterie, under the title of "A. Klein et Cie," reviving the trade in instrument making that had entirely dropped after Jeandel's death in 1879. He placed Antoine Brubach at the head of the workshop, which has now turned out about 200 violins, and numbers of altos and violoncellos ; the work is carefully finished and the varnish good, of a brilliant red colour. Awards from Exhibitions: silver medal. Rouen, 1884; diploma of honour, Evreux, 1886 ; silver medal, Havre, 1887. In 1887 he was made Officer of the Academy.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1885 Tue 1st May 01 £ 1755.00
Violin 1885 Fri 1st December 00 £ 345.00
Violin 1885 Sat 1st July 00 £ 1800.00
Violin 1884 Sun 1st February 98 £ 782.00

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Amati, in collaboration with leading experts, have published a few key books in the field of stringed instruments.

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