Michael Klotz

Highest auction price achieved
£ 4600.00

By Cecie Stainer

Two brothers, working in Mittenwald about 1770. A great many of the violins with "Stainer" labels are made by members of the Klotz family and their imitators, the "Klotz" labels having been destroyed by the dealers and spurious "Stainer" ones substituted. Probably, also, when these makers had turned out a specially good instrument they used a " Stainer " label instead of their own. Authentic instruments of the Klotz family are consequently not common.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 17-- Sun 1st November 81 £ 770.00
Violin 35.6 cm Mittenwald, 1775 c. Thu 1st April 10 £ 3452.00
Violin Mittenwald, 1770 c. Tue 1st November 05 £ 2369.00
Violin 1775 c. Fri 1st March 96 £ 4600.00
Violin 1776 Tue 1st November 94 £ 4600.00

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