Samuel Kolstein

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£ 920.00

By John Dilworth

KOLSTEIN, Samuel Born 1915, died 1999, Worked from c.1952 Manhattan, New York, & from 1958 Merrick USA. Double bass player.Largely self-taught as a violin and bow maker. Moved to Merrick, New York in 1958 and established a still-flourishing business, now in the hands of his son Barrie. Completed about 50 violins, violas, and cellos on Stradivari and Guarneri models; also a Vincenzo Panormo model bass. Concentrated on bows from c.1945, producing over 2,000 in various grades. Branded: S. KOLSTEIN or SAMUEL KOLSTEIN & SON or SK. Highest quality sticks branded: S. KOLSTEIN or S. KOLSTEIN NY [Wenberg]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Cello Bow S/E 85.0 g. Mon 1st December 08 £ 611.00
Viola Bow S/E 73 g. Wed 1st October 03 £ 430.00
Violin Bow G/E 62 g. Mon 1st November 99 £ 920.00
Violin Bow S/E 58 g. Mon 1st November 99 £ 287.00
Violin Bow S/E 60 g. Mon 1st November 99 £ 287.00
Cello Bow S/E 80 g. Wed 1st May 96 £ 902.00

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