Lajos Kovacs

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£ 1405.00

By John Dilworth

KOVÁCS, Lájos Born 1891 Vienna Austria, died 1970 Budapest Hungary. Pupil of Ferenc Bikszegi. Also trained as a violinist, woodcarver, and painter. Passed his Journeyman’s qualification as a violin maker 1920. Began work for Andreas Bergmann, Oto Zimmer, and from 1922-1928 for Strenberg. Established independently in Budapest 1928. The address for his business changed frequently, but the shop continued after his death under the direction of his former student Attila Rezsabek. The residue of his production was then purchased by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Credited with 30 violins, two violas, four cellos, four double basses. Very good clean work on classical Italian models with fine sp

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin Budapest, 1932 Sun 1st February 04 £ 1405.00

Books by Amati

Amati, in collaboration with leading experts, have published a few key books in the field of stringed instruments.

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