Hans Krouchdaler

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£ 6875.00

By John Dilworth

KROUCH, Hans Born circa. 1652/5 Geroldshofstetten bei Grafenhausen Germany, d.c.1699 Oberbalm, Bern Switzerland. Member of the early Alemannische School. Distinctive and primitive looking instruments in broadly Brescian style, often intricately inlaid with geometrical purfling and pyrogravure motifs. Very extended soundholes, frequently with the upper and lower wings not separated from the exterior curve of the arm. In original form they had central bassbars carved from the wood of the table. Various forms: large and small violins, violas, and cellos - some with five strings. [Adelmann]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Viola 40.0 cm Oberbalm Bei Bern, 1686 Fri 1st October 10 £ 6875.00

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