Lorenz Krumbholz

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£ 4370.00

By John Dilworth

KRUMBHOLZ, Lorenz Born 1886 Dürrengrün Germany, died 1942 The Hague Netherlands. Trained in Markneukirchen. Worked for Otto Möckel in Berlin, Karel Van Der Meer in Amsterdam from 1916, and Joseph Vedral in The Hague from 1917. Established independently there 1935. The business was continued after his death by his widow, assisted by Johann Stuber and Lorand Racz in turn until 1979. About 30 violins and a few violas and cellos. Fine Stradivarian style; also some copies in the manner of Scarampella.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1920 Fri 1st June 01 £ 1265.00
Viola 42.0 cm 1930 Wed 1st November 00 £ 2280.00
Violin 1939 Wed 1st March 00 £ 2760.00
Violin 1930 Mon 1st November 99 £ 3220.00
Violin 1942 Mon 1st March 99 £ 1035.00
Violin 1938 Sun 1st November 98 £ 4370.00

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