Luigi Lanaro

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£ 10925.00

By John Dilworth

LANARO, Luigi Born 1920 Vicenza, Worked from 1970 Abano Terme Italy. Trained as an artist. Pupil of Giuseppe Pedrazzini and Gaetano Sgarabotto. Worked in Padua, then moved to Argentina 1949. Later worked in Mexico City, where he founded and directed a school of violin making. Returned to Italy after 1970, where he worked in Sienna, Padua, and finally Abano Terme. Prize winner at Cremona 1947. Some 380 instruments on Stradivari model. Fine workmanship, some with decorative inlay. Orange-red varnish. Author of Il Liutaio Moderne (Padua, 1974). Alojsius Lanaro / me fecit Patavii / anno Dni 19.. [Nicolini]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.5 cm Padua, 1979 Sun 1st May 11 £ 10925.00
Viola 40.7 cm Padua, 1980 Fri 1st May 09 £ 3494.00
Violin 35.8 cm Padua, 1956 Fri 1st May 09 £ 7764.00
Violin 35.6 cm Padua, 1980 Sun 1st October 06 £ 3234.00

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