William Laugher

Highest auction price achieved
£ 504.00

By William Meredith Morris

He was born at Studley, in Warwickshire, in the year 1830. He is a manufacturer of steel and plated pins by trade, and makes violins as a hobby. His work is neat and well-finished, and the tone, although not large, is of a good quality. He follows various models, and uses oil varnish of different colours. He has made about fifty violins and a few violas. The wood is carefully selected for its acoustic properties.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Viola 40.6 cm 1901 Thu 1st May 86 £ 504.00
Violin 1899 Thu 1st May 86 £ 187.00
Violin 1896 Tue 1st November 83 £ 231.00

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