Wenzel Lenk

Highest auction price achieved
£ 13750.00

By Cecie Stainer

b. 1840, at Schonbach bei Eger, Bohemia. Worked under Kessler in Markneukirchen ; then for five years in Berlin ; also under E. Liebich in Breslau; in Vienna, Budapest, and Münich. He finally settled at Frankfort a/M. in the Promenade Platz. Was awarded a silver medal at Frankfort, 1881.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Cello 75.8 cm Frankfurt, 1883 Sat 1st October 11 £ 13750.00
Cello 75.7 cm Frankfurt, 1881 Fri 1st October 10 £ 6250.00
Violin 1878 Mon 1st March 93 £ 2310.00

Books by Amati

Amati, in collaboration with leading experts, have published a few key books in the field of stringed instruments.

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