Michael H. Lindsay

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£ 935.00

By William Meredith Morris

He was born in Ireland on April 12, 1837. He has been a professional violin-maker for nearly forty years. He follows the Stradivarius model, using handsome wood and a fine varnish. I have seen only one of his instruments, which was well made and had a rather small but very sweet tone. M. Polonaski has tried some of this maker's violins, and reports very favourably on their tonal qualities. The Messrs. Balfour, the violin experts, say with regard to his varnish that it "should rank among the highest of the varnishes now in use, being Cremona-like in style." Whilst unable to endorse all that these experts say in this matter, I unhesitatingly add that the varnish is of an excellent quality. But it is impossible to form just conclusions either as to workmanship or tone from the examination of a single specimen. Mr. Lindsay had a paralytic seizure some two years ago, and he is unable now to make new instruments, but has to confine himself to repairs. He won a medal for an exhibit of violins at the Liverpool Exhibition. He has made a large number of violins, violas, violoncellos, and double-basses.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1869 Fri 1st March 91 £ 242.00
Violin 1896 Tue 1st November 88 £ 660.00
Viola 39.7 cm 1884 Wed 1st April 87 £ 935.00
Violin 1885 Thu 1st May 86 £ 453.00
Violin 1890 Fri 1st November 85 £ 518.00
Violin 35.9 cm 1893 Tue 1st March 11 £ 660.00

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