Giovanni Longiaru

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£ 2411.00

By John Dilworth

LONGIARU, Giovanni Born 1886 Pieve di Cadore Italy. Trained as a wood carver with Gottardo in Venice and studied violin making with G. V. Pezzoni in Cremona. Repairer to the Conservatoire in Venice. Emigrated to New York 1904, and became repairer to the conservatoire there. Completed about 270 instruments; copies of master instruments. Fine workmanship with gold-red varnish of own formulation. Developed the ‘Longiarised Process’ for improved bass bar function. Also made bows in the early part of his career. Giovanni Longiaru / Venice - New York / A.D. 1926. No. 125

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.8 cm New York, 1926 n°201 Mon 1st February 10 £ 2117.00
Violin New York, 1925 Fri 1st October 04 £ 1272.00
Violin 1925 Mon 1st November 99 £ 1632.00
Violin 1953 Fri 1st December 95 £ 1736.00
Violin 1943 Sun 1st May 94 £ 2411.00

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