Giuseppe Odoardi

Highest auction price achieved
£ 34100.00

By Cecie Stainer

Was working until 1675 in Ascoli, Italy, according to one authority ; according to another was born about 1740. He was a peasant, and, though without any teaching in the art of violin making, showed great ability in the instruments he made. He died when 28 years old, but left about 200 violins, which are much sought after in Italy.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.2 cm Ascoli Piceno, 1780 c. Thu 1st October 09 £ 21600.00
Violin 34.7 cm Ascoli Piceno, 1780 (scroll possibly not original) Sun 1st March 09 £ 16380.00
Violin 35.1 cm Ascoli, 1780 c. [Lit: The Cooper Collection] Sat 1st March 08 £ 34100.00
Violin 35.0 cm Ascoli Piceno, 1770 c. Mon 1st October 07 £ 12562.00
Violin [Attributed to] Thu 1st July 04 £ 10755.00
Violin 178- Thu 1st December 94 £ 10321.00

Books by Amati

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