Zenon Wladimir Petesh

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By John Dilworth

PETESH, Zenon Wladimir Born 1906 Ukraine, died 1992 Chicago, Illinois USA. Self-taught maker. Made six violins c.1935. Pupil of Didtchenko in Warsaw, Poland 1937-1940. Succeeded to the business and managed it until 1944. Established in Nuremberg 1944-1948 and worked briefly in Mittenwald. Subsequently went to the USA and worked for Moennig in Philadelphia 1949-1950, William Lewis in Chicago 1950-1968, and Kenneth Warren from 1968. Stradivari and Guarneri models. Used European woods and own spirit and oil varnish. 58 violins, three violas, and one cello recorded. Fine workmanship. Branded internally: ‘Z.W.Petesh’. Printed label: Zenon Wladimir Petesz / fecit in Chicago Anno Died 19.. / sub

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