Abraham Prescott

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£ 14810.00

By John Dilworth

PRESCOTT, Abraham Born 1789 Deerfield, died 1858 Concord, New Hampshire USA. Active instrument maker from 1809 whilst working as a farmer. Possibly a pupil of Benjamin Willard 1805-1810. Established from 1820, with several assistants, making American ‘church basses’ and double basses. Moved to Concord, New Hampshire 1831, and sold his interest in bass making to the Dearborn brothers 1845. From then on concentrated on making melodeons and other free-reed instruments. Joined by his son Abraham (II), the business was renamed Prescott & Son. A Baptist Church deacon, he was well-placed to supply his work to churches; they were used to accompany choirs where organs were not available. Almost 600

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Bass 84.2 cm Deerfield, New Hampshire, 1819 'Church Bass' Sat 1st October 11 £ 7128.00
Bass 84 cm Deerfield, New Hampshire, 1811 'Church Bass' Sat 1st October 11 £ 2376.00
Cello 81.6 cm Concord, 1830 c. Tue 1st May 07 £ 353.00
Bass New Hampshire, 1830 c. Thu 1st April 04 £ 14810.00
Bass 1830 Tue 1st October 02 £ 11368.00
Bass 1840 Wed 1st November 00 £ 5629.00

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