Johann Georg (II) Psenner

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By John Dilworth

PSENNER, Johann Georg (II) Born 1747, died 1798 Innsbruck Austria. Son of Johan Georg Psenner (I), above. Pupil of Georg Karl Klotz c.1761-1766. Worked for Georg’s father Sebastian Klotz c.1766-1767. The model is said to be an agglomeration of Amati and Stainer characteristics, but the Stainer influence predominates. Clever and accurate work, although there is considerable variation in quality. Small edges and corners. Upright quite widely spaced Amatisé soundholes. Scroll neatly concentric but with extended last turn and wide projecting eye. Thin intense yellow-brown varnish. Also made plucked instruments. Joan Georg Psenner, Lauten- / Geigen- und Saitenmacher in Ins- / bruck. An. 1789

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