Victor Quenoil

Highest auction price achieved
£ 8740.00

By John Dilworth

QUENOIL, Victor Born 1889 Mirecourt, d. after 1926 Massy France. Brother of Charles Quenoil, above. Pupil of Deblaye. Joined his brother Charles in Paris 1907-1914. After World War I joined H. Tournier in the rue de Rome, moving finally to Massy, Seine-et-Oise 1926. Fine copies of individual classical Italian instruments. Also restoration work.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.6 cm Massy, 1922 Wed 1st June 11 £ 3527.00
Violin 35.8 cm Massy, 1930 c. Wed 1st June 11 £ 1323.00
Bass 140.5 cm Sat 1st November 08 £ 6992.00
Bass 107 cm 5-Strings Sat 1st November 08 £ 8740.00

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