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By John Dilworth

SAUNDERS, Wilfred G. Born 1928 Nottingham, d.2004 West Bridgford UK. Self-taught maker, after apprenticeship as a joiner. Followed Heron-Allen’s book Violin Making as it was and is. Established professionally in West Bridgford from 1949. Involved in the design and production of the Tertis model viola, a large and unwieldy instrument commissioned by the violist Lionel Tertis. Developed his own model for violins and violas derived from Guarneri patterns, generally wide across the centre bouts, with small corners and lavish Guarnerian soundholes, all immaculately finished and with his own meticulously polished oil varnish. Used a French-style exterior mould exclusively. A violist himself, he w

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Viola 42.0 cm West Bridgford, 1984 Wed 1st December 10 £ 2040.00
Viola 42.4 cm 1956 'Tertis' model Fri 1st October 10 £ 960.00
Viola 42.4 cm Nottingham, 1962 Tue 1st November 05 £ 2160.00
Viola 42.5 cm 1962 Tue 1st July 03 £ 2820.00
Viola 49.7 cm 1956 Sun 1st October 95 £ 2070.00
Viola 42.5 cm 1955 Fri 1st June 90 £ 1045.00
Violin 1971 Wed 1st April 87 £ 1045.00
Violin 1955 Thu 1st May 86 £ 756.00

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