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By Cecie Stainer

Son of Paolo Scarampella; b Aug. 25, 1838, Brescia. Pupil of Nicola Bianchi in Paris; 1865, returned to Brescia. In 1866 went to Florence to work with Luigi Castellani, who thought highly of his ability and gave him much important work to do in repairing old instruments. He restored the viola and the famous violoncello of Stradivari, kept in the Istituto Musicale of Florence, and in 1884 succeeded Castellani as Keeper of the collection of instruments there. He also makes new instruments, following the Stradivari or Guarneri del Gesu patterns, which will increase in value with time; their tone is clear and strong; the work is accurately and carefully done ; he uses a reddish-coloured oil varnish. Label' "Giuseppe Scarampella fece in Firenze anno 188— "

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.3 cm [Attributed to] Sun 1st June 08 £ 960.00
Violin 36.1 cm 1880 c. [Ascribed to] Mon 1st May 06 £ 7652.00
Violin 35.7 cm Florence [Workshop of] Mon 1st May 06 £ 9484.00

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