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£ 1540.00

By John Dilworth

Emil Worked circa. 1898-1930 London UK, d. after 1930 Bad Elster Germany. Worked in Castle Street and Soho Square, London up to 1910. Settled in Bad Elster, Germany 1930. Fine workmanship. Good orange-red varnish. Cellos well reported. Emil Schiller / Violin Maker No. 18. / London. 1901 (15 Soho Square) [Henley]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.6 cm Bad Elster, 1924 Tue 1st February 11 £ 1485.00
Cello 1898 Wed 1st April 87 £ 1540.00
Violin 1905 Tue 1st September 81 £ 374.00

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